sunday roast

Despite the weather doing its best to spoil our event; the MaD Sunday Roast,  went off like clockwork. The venue is just amazing. Many people are surprised by the features and areas that allow a never-ending choice of course layout.

With the sun shinning and the riders itching to race, things kicked off just after 11 am; having held a minute silence for remembrance Sunday. The new course for this event was around 2 miles long with the leaders lapping around the 8 minute mark. Nic Burridge showed up again and led to the first corner with the rest of the field in hot pursuit.

With not a lot of competition for mountain bike racers in the area, we seem to be attracting some quick boys and girls with the Malvern Cycles riders ripping up the course, 1 of these being Dave Creber who made short work of passing Nic ; but all did not go to plan for Dave.

With the main aim of our events being to attract new riders, it was great to see so many rookie racers, this included Ashleigh Theron-Morris; who had been encouraged to take part by her fellow slam69ers and seemed to enjoy the experience.


Ashleigh Theron-Morris followed by fellow slam69er, Mark Wheatley

The riders had some rather damp areas to cope with but thankfully everyone seemed to take it all in their stride.


Punctures were to play a part in the event with a hidden piece of metal fence post appearing during the race and catching some out, this included our early race leader, Dave Creber but with true racing spirit Dave carried on for 2 further laps and still managed 2nd place.


Charlie Millman



6 laps and a 16th place for Paul Hards. Paul gets the prize for the biggest smile.





2nd place finisher Dave Creber


James Dickens, on his way to a win.


Rik Tabis


Paul Spencer having fun.


Kev Jennings


Craig Howard on his way to 18th.


Newly crowned Life Guard, Lee Young.


Nic Burridge, comes home in a respectable 3rd place.



4th place finisher Sky Scott.


Connor Hurcombe gets caught out by this tricky section of the course, despite this, Connor bangs out 6 laps to come home 13th.




Craig Howard makes it to 12th.


Mr Creber



Winner with James Dickens manages 8 laps, in a time of 01:06:11.


Our top 3, left to right, Dave Creber 2nd. James Dickens 1st and Nic Burridge 3rd.


Our 1st lady finisher, Sophie Fennel coming home 9th overall and completing 7 laps.

Final positions.

Position Rider Club / Sponsor Rider Number Laps Race Time
1 James Dickens 2 8 01:06:11
2 Dave Creber 19 8 01:09:50
3 Nick Burridge 7 8 01:10:07
4 Sky Scott 12 8 01:10:53
5 Ian Cole 15 8 01:12:43
6 James Baker 3 7 01:06:53
7 Brett Tipper 28 7 01:14:49
8 Paul Loosemore 9 7 01:16:29
9 Sophie Fennell 20 7 01:16:53
10 Charlie Millman 100 7 01:21:31
11 Gary James 6 6 01:06:29
12 Craig Anderson 5 6 01:09:40
13 Connor Hurcombe 18 6 01:11:16
14 Lee Young 27 6 01:13:03
15 Rick Tabis 24 6 01:13:44
16 Paul Hards 16 6 01:18:11
17 Mark Wheatley 21 5 01:06:13
18 Craig Howard 14 5 01:06:29
19 James Allen 69 5 01:07:14
20 Kevin Jennings 22 5 01:18:39
21 Kathy Griffin 26 5 01:19:23
22 Andrew Loosemore 11 3 01:07:57
23 Sam Appleby 4 4 DNF
24 Paul Spencer 13 3 DNF
25 Ashleigh Theron-Morris 8 2 DNF
26 Tom Hards 17 1 DNF
27 John Feher 23 0 DNF
28 Sean Mccoy 25 0 DNF

All in all again another great event and a great precursor to the next round on December 1st.

We’d like to thank everyone for taking parts and all of our helpers, whom without these events could not happen. Thanks guys.

As mentioned our next event is not far away. Keep up to date on our website

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