Sunday Roast 2


After the first round and the threat of flooding, we were slightly concerned this event may have to have a fresh venue, but to everyone’s surprise all had stayed dry.

Round 2 of the MaD Sunday Roast opened for riders at 8am and a new track greeted all who attended.

The beauty of this venue is the never-ending choice of features the site offers, even though the site is for all intents and purposes flat, there is barely anywhere to rest as it has constant changes in elevation and lots of great opportunities to test the best yet make it fine for beginners. The whole ethos of Mean and Dirty is to offer events for everyone and make enjoying the experience high on the list of priorities, whilst hard enough for the pro’s to get a good workout. So far it seems to be working.


With a larger turnout that the previous Sunday Roast, things got going bang on time at 11am and the field soon spread out into the first single-track; a lot of the course is quite narrow so over taking has to be planned.


Mr Mean (34) and Mr Dirty (33).

For this event both myself and Andy Gardner, who run the event, decided to take part in this one: It’s really hard to stand on the sidelines when you have a racer inside you chomping to get out, So with a great support crew we joined the rest of the field and headed off. I did the honorable thing and let everyone go, but a certain person decided he was going for the win.

This event saw a larger ladies entry than before, which is fantastic to see.

Sue Stirrup

Sue Stirrup

Slam69 regular and long time mountain biker Sue Stirrup took the lead for the girls, with last rounds winner James Dickens heading the field for the men.

This weekends course was around 2 miles long and had some interesting sections.  This included a new section of  just after the start, with some hidden roots to keep everyone on their toes, then it was flowing humps and bumps before the first foray into “The Ditch”, which we used several time during the course. The first being nice and dry and boosting you up the other side before some twisty single-track sections that seem to go on forever.

The second route via the ditch was slightly more damp and caused a few to come to a cropper and didn’t smell to good but hey ho. The course then threaded its way off towards the wooded single-track, this wound its was along the brook before heading you back towards the start/finish area.

As for the race itself despite a great start James Dickens was not to have it all his way this time around as Benat Davies (Cheltenham Cycle) reeled him in to take over the lead.

The lead is about to change

The lead is about to change


Brett Tipper

Like our previous event, we saw a lot of fresh faces to the race scene, which is exactly want we want to see. 


Elizabeth Thompson


Tess “Smiley” Nelson loving the whole thing, what a star.


Ed Wilkins banging out the laps and finishing in 9th on the day.


Brian (Pedro) Theron Morris heading for 10th.


Benat Davies head down and going for it


Kevin Belchin going hanging in for 19th spot.


Not sure who these ladies are… a right dodgy pair.


Mean and Dirty regular Charlie Millman chasing the field and getting a 7th finish.


Tree hugger Pete Bonner


Mr Dirty Andy Gardner in race mode


With the hour nearly up everyone had the finish on their mind and squeezing in that last lap, the top 3 guys managed 8 laps with winner Benat Davies giving it large on the finish line.




Our ladies podium, Catherine Davies 3rd, Liz Thompson 2nd, Sue Stirrup 1st.


The Boyz, Robert Bochanouski 3rd, James Dickens 2nd, Benat Davies 1st.


Race achiever of the day, Tess Nelson.


Callum Swift repping the fatbike.


Mission Control.

All our finishers received a cool pair of free socks for the guys X-Fusion

Whilst our podiums guys received limited edition tee shirts.

Thankfully the weather behaved and everyone enjoyed a great event yet again, which can only happen with the great support by our friends and families and of course the riders.

Big up our marshals, Emma and Pete, Ali and Kendra, Pete, Ashleigh and James.

A special mench to our lap scorers and results crew, Sheila Foot, Beth Thick and Millie Millman.

Last but not least Mr Artwork Replublic, Steve Cooke.

Our next event will be in January, the date will be posted on this site in the next few days, we plan 2 in Jan, 1 Wednesday night race and another Sunday Roast.

We also have some cool, hand designed tee shirts and hoodies available, either via this site or at the Slam69 bicycle shop near Coopers Edge, Gloucester.

Images taken by Ashleigh Theron Morris


Position Rider Club / Sponsor Rider Number Laps Race Time
1 Benát Davies 10 8 01:02:19
2 James Dickens 1 8 01:05:42
3 Robert Bochanouski 24 8 01:06:16
4 Andy Gardener 33 7 01:04:50
5 David Gratton 28 7 01:05:34
6 John Machinnon 6 7 01:05:47
7 Charlie Millman 100 7 01:07:14
8 Ian Cole 26 7 01:07:41
9 Ed Wilkins 8 7 01:09:11
10 Brian Theron-Morris 15 7 01:10:15
11 John Lord 27 7 01:12:09
12 Brett Tipper 11 7 01:14:34
13 John Feher 32 6 01:03:37
14 Sue Stirrup (F) 4 6 01:03:51
15 Paul Spencer 23 6 01:04:49
16 Richard King 14 6 01:05:58
17 Tom Holmes 31 6 01:06:04
18 Liz Thompson (F) 22 6 01:06:53
19 Kevin Balchin 2 6 01:08:39
20 Andy Marshall 30 6 01:09:54
21 Mark Tyas 19 6 01:12:40
22 Daniel Barrow 18 6 01:12:42
23 Catherine Davies (F) 9 5 01:05:04
24 Nick Kelly 3 5 01:06:25
25 Callum Swift 20 5 01:06:31
26 Steve Perry 25 5 01:07:30
27 James Allen 69 5 01:07:31
28 Clive Goodfellow 21 5 01:07:58
29 Justin Gooch 17 5 01:10:11
30 Lee Young 13 5 01:12:41
31 Tess Nelson (F) 29 4 01:05:28
32 Graham Foot 34 5 DNF
33 Tom Thumb 12 5 DNF
34 Ashley Cook 50 1 DNF
35 Katie Machinnon (F) 7 1 DNF
36 Chrissy Attenborough (F) 5 1 DNF
37 Steve Allen 16 0 DNF

See you next time…

You MaD enough?

You MaD enough?