So what bike can i use for the MADORC? we have been asked…

Well definitely a mountain bike, hardtails will cope just fine, along with a 120/160mm travel full suss making the descents that bit more controlled, and then there’s the Fatbike. I’ve ridden quite a lot of the route now on my fattie and all i can say is its well suited, in fact in most places ideal, but then i would.

As mentioned in our event info you will need to carry spares, the correct clothing and food just make sure things go well and you can cope with the od hiccup.

We will be posting one more preview teaser up in a week or so just to wet your appetite but rest assured the route has been put together by mountain bike riders who have been riding a long time and have experience of events. Good and bad, so we know what we like.

You will be getting an event info pack when you register and your radio chip; yes we have chipped timing and 5 checkpoints , these have been supplied by the crew at Rogue Racer so tried and tested.

more news/info shortly but please feel free to look over the event page on this site and the start location is on here and the XC racer page.

Many thanks. see you all soon.

mini mr-mad-72dpi-green