MADORC INFO Please read.

First of all to all those that have entered thank you for taking part in the 1st Mean And Dirty Off Road Challenge.
Below you will find some basic but important information so please read it through.

Location – The event will start and finish at Brockworth Rugby Club, Mill Lane, GL3 4QE.
Parking – is situated in the Rugby playing field, please do not drive on any of the pitches!
Registration – This will open at 7.30am and CLOSE at 8.30am. Please try not to be late. At registration you will be required to sign in and collect your radio transponder, THIS MUST BE SECURELY FASTENED TO THE HEADSET/BARS ON YOUR BIKE! You will also be given 2 tickets for your snack at the refreshment stop at Winstone Village Hall.
On Course – The MADORC will start at 9am where you will head off through Brockworth, crossing Ermin Street into Green Street before taking a right into a narrow singletrack trail heading around to Upton St Leonards, and away you go…
You will all have timing transponders so you must make sure you ride over each of the timing mats please. This lets us know where you are on course. And will give you an overall time. A Certificate can be downloaded from this website after the event with your time on it.
Course Marking – The route will be marked with Orange Arrows on a Black background Hopefully no one moves these but we are also hanging tape in trees and spray painting arrows on the trail in some areas to try and make sure.

Route Options – As you know you have a choice of long or short route, this is purely up to you, it doesn’t matter what you put on your entry. Everyone will make their way to the first refreshment stop at Winstone Village hall, here you will be given the choice of taking the long route option or the short. Please Note; if for some reason you do not get to this point by 12 noon you will be directed to do the short route. Those taking the long route will loop around and come back to the refreshment stop again, before joining the short route.
Then, later on you have yet another long route section to take should you want to do the full MADORC, this will again be signed, everyone is free to do this should they feel up to it, THE MAD ORC Sunday 14th September 2014 it’s a shorter section. There is again a shut off time for this option, if you don’t get there by 4.30pm you will have to take the short route.
The last timing mat is in Cranham woods on the final run in, should you not be there by 5pm, you will be asked to take a short cut to the finish to avoid you returning too late.
On your return – Come to the registration tent and hand back your transponder, you will then be given your free meal ticket and your free t-shirt (If you pre-entered) The meal can be collected from the Rugby Club, where you may also wish to try a tipple at the bar. (This is not free I’m afraid) You are then free to collapse and give yourself a pat on the back!
Other Important information.
 The MADORC is not a race. A timing system is provided for safety only.
 Make sure your bike is in good working order, you look after it – it looks after you.
 You Must! Where a proper cycle Helmet.
 Place your transponder securely onto the headset of your bike.
 Observe Highway and Country codes at all times. If you open a gate – shut it. If you
create litter – carry it. Give way to cars and accept that driving makes many
motorists angry. No one said that life would be fair. Get over it.
 Carry ‘in case of emergency’ information with you, including med alerts and any medications you might need.
 Respect others at all times, even if their chosen mode of transport is not a bike. We do not have exclusive use of rights of way.
 Remain on the route, following signage. Use the rest stop to top up your water grab a tea of coffee and sample our fabulous flapjack™ and homemade cake.
 Make sure you carry your ticket with you…no ticket, no snack. One portion per rider please, there are others behind you.
 If doing the long route, you get a second bite of the cherry.
 Don’t let Strava suck your humanity from you – help fellow riders.
 You must ride over every timing mat. This is for your safety.
And Finally
This is an offroad mountain bike event and you will encounter all manner of terrain from flowing singletrack, to rocky descents and rough climbs, as well as open flat trails, this is mountain biking. Be prepared and enjoy.

Inform the event organisers/marshals/safety rider if you or someone else is in trouble. You can do this in person at a checkpoint, via another rider, via Brian or Dave, the motorcycle safety riders or by phone (Andy 07521 815695 Graham 07403 477747)

If you decide not to complete the MADORC, please inform the marshals/ event organisers/ safety rider. You will be required to return your transponder to Brockworth Rugby Club.

There will be a £10.00 charge for unreturned transponders.
You have chosen to ride the MAD ORC at your own risk. Enjoy every MAD minute and ride safe.

And finally this is the route