MADORC 2014 done and dusted.


Who said the MADORC was hard…?

Well we lived up to our name, Mean and Dirty, The MADORC was definitely both of these but the overall feedback has been positive despite the distance and signage issue.

A massive thanks to everyone who entered as well as all of our helpers and crew.

All in all things went ok, the vast majority enjoyed the trails but the massive discrepancy in distance became a general theme and we can only apologise for that and we will never make that mistake again. It seems our mapping system was oh so far out. In the end the short course turned out to be 60 and the long route between 92 and 100k.

One major problem though was a #### person who decided to remove as much of the signage from the long route section as he could, we think he was driving a blue Porsche.

Next years event will be much better with the experience gained from this one and we will have a proper GPX file of both long and short routes as back up.

We just need to give a shout out to some people who made all this possible, they are Andy and all the crew from Raynet, the guys from GEMS, medics, Kim and Vanessa who took care of all things to do with the timing chips from Rogue Racer, Steve Cooke from Artwork Republic for the t’s, signage and helping on the day. Big shout to Ashleigh, Ali, Kendra and the tea stop girls, Brian and Dave out motor cycle backup, Sheila and Emma who sorted the food and registration, Millie for registration and tee shirt distribution, James, Beth and Brayden for marshaling in the back of beyond. Thank you one and all, if we’ve missed anyone off we do apologise but its been a long week but thanks.

Here s a few images from the day.

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