Here is the MaD news

Well its been a while but its worth the wait. We have 2 events coming your way for 2015.

First up we bring you the MaD MiniORC, a 4 hour mountain bike race held at a brand new venue in Gloucestershire.

The MaD MiniORC will take place on Sunday July 19th. Full details and entry will be available next week but please if you like proper mountain biking put this in the diary as a must.

Right now we are laying out miles of new single-track, which will make up the vast majority of the lap, mixed with some fire-trail to regain height.  See below for a few images from todays recky. This is a tiny fraction of whats going in and it will be ridden in before the event.

2015-04-01 16.16.37 2015-04-01 16.15.40 2015-04-01 16.11.56


The second event is the return of the MADORC.


The date is September 13th and the course will have 2 options, 50k or 100k and the length will be as stated for those who took part last year.

The venue will be the new one mentioned above, offering some fantastic trails and a much improved arena.

Full details coming next week on both events.

Keep these dates clear folks.

July 19th and September 13th.