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nat trustYesterday, Sunday 13th March, saw the last round of our popular winter cross country mountain bike series and the weather proved as popular as the venue.

But unfortunately all is not well for the future.

Read on…

As many will know the venue is owned by the National trust and we are only allowed to use this wonderful venue after many many months of negosiation’s. As part of this process the problem of people riding this protected area outside of registered events.

Just to give you some insight into the process we go through. Each of the trails we have put in have been agreed before they are put in. Everyone has to be signed off and agreed.

These agreements take into account the amount of use of the trail, The maintenance of it and the FACT THERE IS NO OPEN ACCESS and that we will give reassurance that we will police this.

All of us at Mean and Dirty events have spent so much time and hard work to gain a good working relationship with the National Trust, we are all riders who love the area and want to bring events to you, the local riders.

So why this post?

Well it was brought to our attention that a lot of people are riding in both Saltridge and Ebworth woods out side of events, they are posting this on Strava and this is now putting ALL of our events at risk.



Please if you care at all about the places we get to ride, you care at all about the amount of time and work that people put into bringing you places to ride, Please spread the word to your friends, riding buddies and share this on Facebook and Twitter. Please.


Very sorry to go on but we have an Enduro series coming, we have an 8 hour event coming in July, the MADORC and all of this could be at risk if people don’t listen.


Thankyou. MaDe Logo Main

2 thoughts on “IMPORTANT! Please read an share

  1. Philip leah says:

    Hi is the winter cross country series going ahead in December 2016 . Cheers Phil


    • oldmeany says:

      Hi yep, if you have entered an event before you should already have an email, dates now approved from Dec 2016, website will be updated shortly. cheers


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