MAD Enduro Round 2 – Updates



Hi all,

entries will be closing soon for Round 2 of the MAD Enduro on 21st August 2016 at Ebworth Park, Glos.  So make sure you enter asap to avoid disappointment.  Please note that we will be offering a practise session on Saturday between 4-6pm.  Details will be sent to those who enter.

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3 thoughts on “MAD Enduro Round 2 – Updates

  1. Chris Waddup says:

    when I entered it was going to be a `blind` enduro.
    now there is practise, which doubles the fuel costs.


  2. Michael powell says:

    Had a great day today,trails where mint all in all a very well run event cheers to everyone involved 👍🏻
    See you at the next round definitely 👊🏻🚲👊🏻


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