MaD Dash Winter XC Series

Well, that’s a wrap folks.

As the mud settles on the MaD Dash race series for another winter, we can’t wait for Spring to get sprung and Summer to ooze its custard rays over this fair land. But don’t think we’ve forgotten that you’ve taken a substantial quantity of our mud away with/on you…we want it back. Really, we want it back…no kidding.

Better sign-up for our forthcoming events then, so you can bring the mud you stole, back. We’ll let you know when you can book, keep watching, keep listening.

Now, our MaD Marshals are an insistent bunch and a little twisted. They thought they were the best judges of not only your ability, but your character too. Like malevolent vultures of doom, they love to watch you struggle and overcome.

“We want to award prizes too.”

Only their criteria weren’t as straight forward as ours, oh no! sorry for that, but it really wasn’t our fault.

So they made you perform like monkeys.

For the marshals’ pleasure.

For beer.

And a t-shirt.

You’re so cheap, the lot of you.

And we have to say, you didn’t let us and your adoring public down. More importantly, you impressed the MaD Marshals. Whether it was by crashing gloriously off-course, through bramble thickets, hauling your sorry self up a steep bank back onto the course, leaping back onto your bike, with a grin as wide as the Cheshire Gap; or wheelying uphill, one handed for 57 yards; or leaping flea-like over a pile of rotten logs, moss and dodgy stonework, placed to make you crash in front of the camera: you the racers, gave us a show and for that we thank you.

So I’m not sure you want to thank our MaD Marshals, but I surely must. Because I live with one of their number and she cooks my tea. For without her and her cohort, the series would not happen. Neither would my tea. As ever, we are indebted.

Despite the conditions, our medical team, Gloucester Event Medics were un-troubled. We hope they enjoyed their snooze. Bless them. We’ll provide pillows next time (as well as fruit pastilles). But we know, if you need them, they would be ready. We look forward to working with GEMS in future, as always.

GWR 4×4 give us superb off-road capability, should we need it. If someone needs winching out of a sticky hole, we turn to them. Whether you’re on a bike or in your car. I’m sure I saw them measuring-up some of those fatbike tyres mind.

When you’re telling your mates/family/riding buddies about the 6 foot drop-off you negotiated with the style and grace of Rudolph Nureyev, just make sure it really was that impressive…Charles Whitton Photography have the evidence. Buy it and burn it if necessary, just don’t take a chance that someone might just check.

The pizza was lovely….so I heard. Thanks for eating it all before I had a chance to sample Velo Bakery’s wares. To make matters worse, I didn’t get a bottle of Stroud Brewery Budding ale either.

Every time we hold an event at Ebworth, we have to pinch ourselves: we are incredibly fortunate to be allowed at this venue, which we consider home. And we are welcomed here, by The Ranger team at Ebworth.  Matt and his colleagues put their trust in everyone attending our events: racers, organisers, spectators, the whole she-bang. If each didn’t play their part, there would be no racing at Ebworth and Mean and Dirty would be homeless and sad.

And talking of trails, it was a shame the rain soaked all our lovely, twisty, technical singletrack…again. After all the rain we’ve had in recent months, we decided to preserve those trails today. We know you love those singletracks as much as we do and have missed them, but thanks for being patient and understanding when we avoid them. One thing you can rely on though, if we say there will be an event, an event there will be. Ebworth offers a venue whatever the weather. Rest assured, whatever course we create, it will always be Mean and Dirty. We continue to improve the trail network, building berms and cutting terraces that would make Monty Don proud, to establish the trails as permanent, fun and funky. That requires mud…just a gentle reminder to bring back the mud you stole. Come back in summer and we’ll show you what we’ve been hiding from you.

And that just leaves a final thank you to each and every one of you who have joined us at Ebworth, in whatever capacity, to make it another successful series, that we have had the pleasure to bring for your pleasure.

See you in Summer.

The Mean and Dirty Family.