MaD Enduro Round 1 Done

You think 30th of July and you would think it’s summer but oh no not in England and specifically not at Ebworth Centre where MAD Enduro Round 1 took place in saltridge woods.

The planned schedule went out the window as the course was in perfect condition Saturday night at 17:00 and then by Sunday morning the amount of rain that fell nearly put a stop to the whole race. Quick thinking by the Event Manager and Track Fairy pushed the practice back to a single stage session with the race time moving from 14:00 up to 12:30 to miss the in-coming rain scheduled at 15:00.

During the practice session it allowed us to seed the riders but hats off to everyone putting in a great effort completing a section blind whilst posting fast times even with some surfing the mud from top to bottom. Practice times can be found on the MaD Enduro page which you can find by clicking here


The pace of the day was a bit too much for some or it might have been all that pedaling through mud but we aim to have to achieve a relaxing atmosphere at our events and despite the challenges today we think we achieved that well for the riders anyway as at Mean and Dirty were in panic mode most of the day.


Onto the race it’s self, the riders where seeded from their practice session and set off in that order with the fastest guys and dolls going first. Feedback throughout the day on the stages was very positive and all riders seem to accept and support our change of schedule to match the course condition and we thank everyone for being patient.

Full race times can be found on the Mean and Dirty website click here


The Female category was won by Ellie Masfield with a combined time of 11 mins and 46 and coming in second with a time of 12 min 51 seconds was Coralie Souchal. Third place was taken by Alicia Hockin with a time of 13 minutes and 32 seconds. Great effort by all females taking part today. Extra shout out for Ellie today as she finished 47th overall competing with all group categories.


Juvenile Male  category was by Jayden Randell with a time of 10 mins and 2 seconds with Rory Holm coming home second with a time of 11 mins and 13 seconds. Third place was taken by Joe Childs who finished with a time of 12 minutes and 4 seconds. Again great effort by the Juvenile males taking part and Jayden one to watch for the future as he finished 10th overall out of all categories.


Youth male category was topped by Josh Williams with a time of 11 mins and 16 seconds follwed closely by Max Harper with a time of 11 mins and 39 seconds. Third place was taken by Grady Jones only 3 seconds down on Max with a time of 11 mins 42 seconds. Outstanding effort by all our Youth Males.


Junior Male group was trumped by Louis Brooks in an outstanding time hitting 6th overall with 9 mins and 46 seconds. Second place was taken by Robbie White with a time of 10 mins and 13 seconds and 14 seconds back was Sam Righton with a time of 10 mins and 27 seconds. The top 5 Junior males finished in the top 20 overall which is awesome standard of riding.


Senior Males was won by Jonathan Weaver who took overall 1st place on the day with a time  of 9 mins and 22 seconds. Ashley Maller came in second only 7 seconds behind Jonathan with a time of 9 mins and 29 seconds. The high standard in the senior males continued with Ryan Williamson with a time of 9 mins and 40 seconds. High performance by all so hats off.


Master Males top spot was taken by Matt Lakin with an impressive time of 9 mins and 34 seconds with Don Howe following him in second with 10 mins and 25 seconds behind. Third place was taken by Kevin Cook with a time of 10 mins and 29 seconds just losing out on second place by 4 seconds. Great effort by the masters with the local bigfoot club rider coming out on top.


The Vet males had Chris Blackmore on top coming in under in the 9 minute club by 1 sec followed by Ian Hopkins on 10 mins and 36 seconds.Third place was captured by Nick Munn with a time of 11 mins and 4 seconds. Tipping my hat to the vets who all came and should experience counts.


Grand Vet Males top spot was grabbed by Lloyd Maroney with a time of 12 mins and 42 seconds closely followed by Garry Higgins on 12 mins and 54 seconds. Third place was taken by John Feher with a time of 13 mins and 7 seconds. Only 25 seconds between the top 3 spots showed the even standard between the riders. hats off and you are never too old to ride or slide or fall….


Final category is the fat bikes that saw Andy Deacon coming home in 10 mins and 45 seconds with an overall rank of 23 in all caterogies. Well done to Jonathon Cobb for coming in second with a time of 12 mins and 55 seconds and for going with the “I’m a little tea pot” pose on the podium.

A huge thank you to all the marhals, timing team, registration and support staff including 417 Leisure Lake bikes for supporting mechanically and throwing in some prizes. Thanks to Cafe2U and Velo Bakery for feeding and drinking the riders and event staff throughout the day.

Final thank you goes to all the you the riders for supporting the change in schedule and positive feedback we’ve received today on the race setup and format despite the fact it was all changing as the day went.


We pride ourselves on bringing mountain bike events to all and trying to encourage everyone to have a go and hopefully we achieved that today despite the challenges.