MaD Thrash Round 3 Done!

Would you Adam and Eve it! The rain stayed away, mostly due to the high winds we had when setting up the site, but the gusts never blew away any of the competitor’s, spectator’s and event staff’s enjoyment of the whole night!

The grass hadn’t been cut which made the course a lot harder than the last 2 rounds, but after a couple of laps a line bedded in and that excuse didn’t wash anymore. What was the track fairy thinking about when he designed and set up the course CLOCKWISE? Who goes in a clockwise direction these days???  But, it did lead to an ongoing chorus of us telling all our regulars “Yes, that way today!”. Thanks for all the great feedback on the course and the enjoyment you got from riding it.

A great turn out last night, despite us currently being in the middle of the holiday period. Thank you again for supporting these mini races as it helps us set up the next race. On that note , wait for MaD Thrash Round 4 location announcement in the next coming weeks. We have been stating the Boating Lake in recent communications in Twilight/Dark for Wednesday September 13th but, fingers crossed, we will be bringing you a first at a new location for the next race.

A fine field of participants lined up at the start : young and old (both riders and bikes!), short and tall, skinny bikes and fat bikes, all taking to the start line all with their own personal goals. For some, it was head down and pedal fast for the hour pushing their own limits whilst other’s preferred to smile and pull stunts for cameras whilst pedaling around. We had an cyclist with equipment failure losing his pink tassel from his handlebars and complaining his bike was leaning to one side after the loss because of the weight issue whilst others were complaining of sore bum but we are guessing they lubed up and battled on like a brave little solider.

Enough waffling and now onto the race results:

Full breakdown of numbers and printable certificates can be found via results like on Mean & Dirty Website here


U8’s Males competition went ahead with Lucas Kent coming out on top with 9 mins 52 secs for the males followed closely by James Robinson half a second down! Congrats to both for competing and well done to Lucas who went onto a second lap (Victory Lap) completing that just over 10 minutes which is an outstanding achievement for those little legs.


U8’s females competition only had one entrant but Pippa Dale completed the lap in 9 mins 52 secs which is equal to the U8’s males so there is something to boast about for sure.


U12’s Males competition saw Jack Bristow taking top spot with 15 mins 19 secs for 2 laps followed home by Alex Evans 10 seconds behind and Ozzy Beswick taking third spot with putting him in the prizes. Shout out to Tom Bristow who came home fourth just outside the podium but top marks for competing.


U12’s Females competition had Harriet Dale taking top spot with 2 laps coming home in 17 mins and 44 secs followed by Miranda Evans crossing the line with a rarely seen smile.


A huge shout out for Malvern Cycle Sport Club for bringing so many U12’s and U8’s to the race as they are the future podiums finisher. It’s a large part of why as organisers we are putting so much effort into running these events. Well worth the effort when we see these guys. Long may it continue.

Now the apparent grown ups section


Adult Males competition had Scott Chalmers rumping home with time in his bag to wheelie across the finish line. Scott winner of MaD Thrash Round 1 won this round in impressive style with over 2 minutes to spare from second place man Tom Halhead. Tom came home in second place but third place man Anthony White matched him the whole race wheel for wheel and came over the line 1 second behind with a sprint finish with Tom. Tipping of the hat to all adult men for taking part.


Adult Female competition only had 2 entries with Sophie Hemming taking first spot with 10 laps within the hour time limit only 1 down from Scott the overall lead. Sophie finished 8th overall across all groups which is an excellent effort in its own right. Second place was taken by Lynn which is an excellent achievement and worthy podium finish for her efforts.


Youth and Juvenile competition had Marcus Lindsay taking top spot with an impressive 9 laps with Sam Ford taking second place with 8 laps both riders holding their own in the overall field.


Fat Bike Competition had Nic Burridge taking top spot with 11 laps and finishing 4th overall which again is an excellent achievement.

We are working on increasing our social media output, so please bear with us and we hopefully post race pictures on our new Instagram site over the next day or two. Please feel free to send in any pictures to us that you have taken to and we can publish on your behalf.

Again, as always, a huge thank you to everyone taking part as without you we can’t fund the next race. Also,  thanks to all the support staff including marshals and others helping on their own time to make events like this a success.

Don’t forget to look out for MaD Thrash Round 4 location announcement which we are very excited about but it might come with limited participant numbers so why not get in with registration just now via the online entry page here

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