And its nearly here

The first MADAX is almost here. With just a few days to go before entries close we have been checking out the route.  KA_Needles_3_small

If this is your idea of entertainment then you’d best leave this page now!

The MADAX is not designed to be a walk in the park. If you are anything like us you want to be tested, you want something to try your skills and your perseverance and you want a laugh at the same time.

There’s plenty of time to sit and wonder. This is about living, discovering your limits, making memories, scratching that itch, having a ball with some like minded fools.


Yes its winter and yes it may rain, or it may not, the trails may be muddy, they may not but that’s part of why we ride mountain bikes in the UK in the winter. Why we are so fit and able, come the summer. We hone our skills in the winter, we prove we can cope with a little hardship, this makes us better come spring time, which isn’t far away.


And then there’s the massive sense of achievement when we finish plus the joy of a fresh hot cuppa and a lush chunk of cake to welcome you home.


As mentioned we have done a recce ride on the route and all is good, we had to clear some fallen branches and a large tree has been cleared so all is well. We will do one final loop before the big day but rest assured.

So with the promise of a great route, good company and CAKE! What’s not to like.

See you all on the day.

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