Love to do the MADAX


This might sound weird but both of us at Mad Events want to take part in the MADAX.

Just this morning we were saying if we weren’t organising the event its exactly the type of event I would love to do.

I know this might sound like a sale pitch but it’s true, we tend to look at what we would love to do and offering it up as an event.


The basic format for the MADAX is very simple, we wanted to replicate an exploration ride but condense it down into something that can be done by anyone and without having to plan things for weeks. We do the planning and sort the route, you then get to just pay a small entry fee and enjoy a mini-adventure.

Entries are quite low for the first one but we expect word to spread once people see what we are offering. Entries will

Entries are still open; JUST; they close tonight at midnight, so be quick, but if this ones to soon we do have 3 more planned for 2018.

If you feel like a ride next week, heres the link to take part MADAX Entry