So whats next?

So its not all bad news.


After much deliberation and the occasional beer or 3 we have decided to get back to what we do best and bring back our MAD Dash events for 2019. So XC is coming back.

We are currently in deep conversation with our venue owner to secure a long term plan for regular events.

When? we can hear your minds ticking… Well the safest bet is early 2019 but if we can sort anything sooner will be of curse post on here.

With regard this year, all we can say is its been a bit of a disappointment as we had high hopes for the MADAX format but with so many events on and a new format it appears it just wasn’t what you guys wanted.

So apologise to the guys who did enter, you should all have had refunds by now and roll on the future.

Keep an eye on our site and facebook page for updates.




MADAX Update

Just to reassure you guys regarding the MADAX event, yes it is happening on the 11th February.

We are just waiting on our new bank account to get open then we’ll open entries.

Expect news early next week. Entries are £15 and limited to 200.

One more update, as you will see the event starts and finishes at the Slam69 Shop and we will have some bikes for people to look at and even some demo bikes to try.

All for now… #keepitmad