Mad Dash 2015/2016

Welcome to our 2015/16 Winter XC series MaD Dash in the Park, in association with Slam69 Bicycle shop.

MAD Dash in the Park is a series of MTB Rides that will suit all age groups and abilities, the aim is to keep riding the great hills in the Cotswolds during the winter months and encourage Novice and Younger Riders to join in the racing.  There will be prizes awarded at each race and then Series Prizes awarded after Race 4, to those who have competed in a minimum of 3 races.

MAD Dash

The Events

The events will be held on a lapped course approximately 4.5k long.  The routes are all-weather, Ebworth Park has exclusive single track and Woodchester Park mostly faster forest tracks and trails.  There is something for everyone at these marvellous National Trust locations.  The events are aimed at all categories from children, Youth & Junior and Adult.  We have a specific category for Novices to come and try the events.


There will be parking, toilets and hot and cold refreshments.  There will also be a neutral service vehicle, bike wash down, drinking water, First Aid, marshals and signage.


There will be live race timing provided by Rogue Racer available for spectators during the race and immediately available at the finish.  Lap times and certificates will be available online.


Medals for all finishers at each Race.

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Male & Female
  • 1st U23, M40, M50, M60, M70
  • 1st U23, F40, F50, F60
  • 1st M16, M14, F16, F14
  • 1st Fat Bike Rider

Individuals will only qualify for one award.

Series Rules: to qualify for the overall Series awards you must take part in a minimum of 3 of the 4 races. Your best 3 scores will count to your final standing. Points are awarded based upon your overall finish position for that race, Adult or U16 by Male & Female. The winners are those with the fewest points after Race 4.  Individuals can only qualify for one prize.
Series prizes to be awarded for:

  • Adult Male: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 1st U23, 1st M40, 1st M50, 1st M60.
  • Adult Female: 1st overall, 1st U23, 1st F40, 1st F50, 1st F60.
  • 1st Youth Male, 1st Juvenile Male
  • 1st Youth Female, 1st Juvenile Female
  • All U12s who compete in 3 events will receive a prize.

Event Duration

Age Category Race Duration  Approximately

  • Adult (including Novice) – 90mins
  • Junior – 90mins
  • Youth & Juvenile – 60mins
  • U12s – 20mins
  • U8s – 10min

Entry Fees:

17yo+ – Individual Entry per Race – Early Bird £18, Normal £23

Youth & Juvenile 12-16yo – Individual Entry per Race – early Bird £10, Normal £15

Under 12s – Individual Entry per Race – Early Bird £8, Normal £10


  • All age groups are calculated on your age at 31/12/2016
  • The organisers will be paying for your online transaction fee.

Results 2015/16:

Race 1 Results

Race 2 Results

Race 3 Results

Race 4 Results

MAD Dash Race Series – Final Standings



As part of our negotiations to gain the use of this venue, we agreed that they will remain closed to the public outside of event days.  This is very important and is vital to ensure we can continue using these fantastic parks in future.

Please Do Not Ride this venue outside of events! Thank you.

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