MiniORC 2015


Mean and Dirty Events in association with Rogue Racer are excited to announce a brand new Mountain Bike Event for Gloucestershire, The MiniORC.  (ORC stand for Off Road Challenge)

The location – Ebworth Centre, near Cranham, in Gloucestershire, GL6 7ES .  Owned by the National Trust, the venue is perfect for mountain biking with an abundance of private woodland. The Start and finish arena is fantastic and offers the base for the event. Plenty of parking.

2015-06-03 20.19.09

MiniORC Arena Field

The Course – The MiniORC course is a 12.5 loop of fantastic woodland mixture of double and singletrack. 60% of the loop is new singetrack, which has been laid out over the last few months.

The lap starts in open field before heading uphill on open fireroad to allow riders to spread before heading into the first woodland. Here you will be greeted with singletrack to die for. There are plenty of overtaking sections along with some bomb holes and small drop offs. The course then gradually starts to head downhill, with offcamber singletrack before popping out onto fireroad again. You then head into the next woodland, which is more established and open. This again offers amazing riding, based on rough fireroad climbs and challenging downhill singletrack. If you like tech downhill you will be in for a treat.

This course has been built by mountain bike riders and the aim is to deliver the best riding we can. We are so excited about this place you will not be disappointed!

Please take note: This venue is on private land and not open to use outside of events. Please Do Not ride out of events as this will jeopardise our access for the future.

The Event Format –

Saturday – Practice. Course open from 12pm until 4pm. (Camping is available at Bucks Head Farm, Cranham, GLOUCESTER, GL4 8HP)

This is a mountain bike cross country race with chipped timing and offers 2 lengths of race, 25k or 50k.

Sunday – Race day. Registration will be open from 8am and you must sign in before 10am. You will be issued with a timing chip, which has to be returned after the event.

Start 11am for all.  (We don’t recommend riding the course prior to the start due the length of the lap.)

25km Race – 2 laps, individual entries for Junior (16-18) and Senior (19 upwards) £25 per rider.

50km Race – 4 laps, for Senior riders (19 years and upwards) £30 per rider.

Fatbike class – simply click the option in the online entry form so book your place and the winner will the fastest fatty.

Team Contest (for both Races) – by entering a “Team name” you and 2 other riders will ALSO be entered into the Team Competition, all 3 of your team must ride in the SAME Race to qualify. Junior and Senior riders can make up a team if they all ride in the 25km Race.

Categories – (Dependant on entry numbers)

Prizes for the 25km & 50km Races:
Junior – 1st Male & 1st Female (25km only)
Adult – 1st, 2nd, 3rd Male & Female.
Veteran – 1st Male & 1st Female (over 40)
Grand Veteran – 1st Male & 1st Female (over 50)
Super Veteran – 1st Male & 1st Female (over 60)
Team – 1st Team
Fat Bike – 1st finisher on a Fat Bike

All age groups are calculated on your age as at Race Day 19/07/2015 (you need to be 16 on Race Day to qualify for the 25km, if you are 19 or older you may enter any race).  All entrants will receive their split times and final finish positions even if not completing all the laps.

Sponsors – Local mountain bike shop Slam69 will be sponsoring the event plus supplying some technical support and spares.

Overview –

  1. The Mini – ORC is a unique and exclusive opportunity, to ride in an ancient Cotswold beechwood, a rare and endangered landscape, with National Nature Reserve status. The terrain is superb and testing for mountain biking.
  1. You do not have to be a race-head to enjoy this course. You are welcome to enter to enjoy the opportunity to ride in this unique place.
  1. This event is based in Gloucestershire and designed and run by local mountain bike riders.
  1. You will be supporting the National Trust, promoting the charity and its work. The National Trust will be providing excellent competitor/rider facilities and support.
  1. There will be catering on-site throughout the event, for your refreshment.
  1. You will have chip timing and you will be able to see a live-feed of your progress and placing.
  1. You will have parking close to the start/finish line.
  1. In case we haven’t said it before, we’ll say it again! This is an opportunity to ride in a unique venue and environment. We and the National Trust ask you not to ride in the venue outside of organised events. The wildlife habitat and it’s fragility is hugely significant. The course has been approved scientifically and agreed on the basis that no ecologically sensitive areas will be damaged by our event.

Please Note:

As part of our negotiations to gain the use of the venue we agreed that the venue will remain closed to the public outside of event days, this is very important and will be vital to maintain if we wish to continue using this fantastic site.

Results & Cerificates


Kind regards,

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10 thoughts on “MiniORC 2015

  1. Numpt5 says:

    How hard is the course I’m fairly new to mountain biking and only riding a hardtail at the moment?


    • oldmeany says:

      The course is ok for everyone but some parts are quite technical and steep. These can be walked if you feel its to challenging. The lap is around one to one and half hours long. You can of course come and see on the Saturday. We will except entries on the day


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