Welcome to Mean & Dirty Events,  our aim is bringing you good value, well organised mountain bike events, with a commitment to making our courses appeal to a whole range of skill and fitness levels.  We and our staff want you to have a great time, whilst you choke your lungs down into your chest, we will be warm, friendly and welcoming. You won’t be lacking motivational speeches either…some of our MaD marshals have a unique brand of encouragement waiting for you.  Just make sure you keep them entertained, not only with your on-bike prowess, but also with some witty ripostes.  If you can’t think of anything to say, for pity’s sake, pull a wheelie.

 MAD Dash Winter XC Series

MAD Dash is a series of XC MTB Rides that will suit all age groups from U8s to our over 70’s and abilities, the aim is to keep riding the great hills in the Cotswolds during the winter months and encourage Novice and Younger Riders to join in the racing.

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 MAD Thrash Summer Evening Races

MAD Thrash is a series of midweek summer races in Gloucester and the Cotswold’s. Events that last for just an hour, hence a good thrash. No birching and no whipping involved, we promise.  At 2 totally different venues, that inspire us to use our creativity, to give you races packed full of single-track goodness. If there’s mud, you will go through it.

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