MAD Thrash

MAD Thrash is a series of midweek summer races in Gloucester and the Cotswold’s. Events that last for just an hour, hence a good thrash. No birching and no whipping involved, we promise.

At 2 totally different venues, that inspire us to use our creativity, to give you races packed full of single-track goodness. If there’s mud, you will go through it.

Still local, still fun, still Mean and Dirty.

So why would you be interested?


If you’re a regular trail rider, weekend warrior, these events allow you to have an hour’s thrash through some great scenery, places you  won’t get to ride at any other time, as the land is private. Pushing hard for an hour a week is a superb way to push the boundaries of your fitness, you will notice your fitness improve doing this type of riding regularly. Go on release the mountain bike god/goddess lurking inside! And thrash your riding buddies up those climbs on your weekly bimbles.

If you’re a novice, wanting to give racing a go, we are a warm and friendly bunch, who will cheer you around and make you feel like the hero you really are. Our courses will be truly novice-friendly, as they will be short laps, over twisty courses with minimal features and climbing. These kind of courses will help you develop your bike handling skills, as well as your fitness. Your confidence will increase, you will meet like-minded souls and you will be admitted into the mountain biking fold. One note of caution. Be prepared to part with significant portions of your salary. One bike will never be enough.

For you hardcore raceheads, yes you with the shaven torso and thousand yard stare, the MaD Thrash is your midweek training effort, ahead of coughing your lungs up, again, next weekend. An hour of fast and furious redline effort, to make you feel dizzy. Throw in some fast corners to test your skills and generally flat courses, that mean you really won’t be able to rest at any point, come race day, you’ll have that edge over your competitors.

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