The MADORC Route is amazing


Gloucestershire’s number 1 off-road bicycle challenge now has a route and boy its good, its such a mixture of fantastic trails, from wooded technical single-track to open Cotswolds countryside, then chuck in some f the best flowing downhill trails the area has to offer and some local favorites.

Last year the route got great reviews although the published distance proved to be somewhat out. This year the distance is as published, we’ve painstaking made sure of that. The hardest part is not using great trails but the 100 and 50 k routes will be just that.

There will be occasion where you ride short sections of the route twice but it’s so cool you love it.

something to remember also is this event is bringing in funds for both the National trust who own Ebworth Park, our base, and the Gloucestershire Headway Charity. More information on this next week.

Lastly don’t forget, all of the entrants receive a free post ride meal and a commemorative Tee shirt


  • Online entries will close at midnight on Friday 17th, so tomorrow night!

  • You will be able to enter on Saturday between 12 and 4pm when practice is open but entry will be £35 for the 25k and £40 for the 50k. Cash Only!

  • Practice is only for entered riders! So No entry, No practice!

  • No Entry on Sunday! You have been warned!

  • Postcode for the event is GL6 7ES